Total Skin Renewal

Finding an incredible face mask, in a saturated market is quite the task.  We’ve combed through and sorted the average from the great and found a hidden gem. It is safe to say that Exquisite Face and Body really nailed the art of face mask formulation. From the actual mask itself, to the unique blend of ingredients, we found the results to be brag-worthy.

The Mask


Seriously incredible. This mask has a slick texture and after massaging on, becomes your second skin. We found that a majority of mass produced masks, besides not listing all of their ingredients, were made from wood pulp or course fibers.  Exquisite produces bio-cellulose masks. Bio-cellulose fibers are four times stronger than plant based materials. The masks have a tri-dimensional nano-structure that allows the mask to retain the revolutionary formulation. As informative as this scientific jargon is, you have to trust us when we say, it feels amazing.

The Formula

There are a handful of unique properties within the Exquisite formula. They have incorporated a double dose of hyaluronic acid, providing thirsty skin a true renewal. Their trademarked Marine Peptide stimulates collagen production. Allantoin and aloe were an excellent addition, as they repair and soothe skin. This is the perfect mask to use after injections, chemical peels and other aggressive procedures. For our ingredient conscience friends out there, Exquisite masks are paraben, sulfate, paraffin and phenoxyethanol free.  

We experienced results after just one application. After examining the skin post-treatment, we noticed smaller pores, smoother texture, brighter and tighter skin. Your skin will totally soak up the formula, in turn leaving the skin baby smooth and hydrated. Don’t throw out the packaging just yet. We drenched our skin with the extra formula in the packaging before moisturizing. Priced at $16 a face mask, your skin will look and feel like a million bucks. Choose another day that week to indulge in the Exquisite neck and décolleté mask.  Find a routine that works best for you. Far too many women forget about their neck and chest. A beautiful face needs an equally gorgeous pedestal.

Dual Hydration Face Mask
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Neck & Décolleté Renewing Mask
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