American’s have shown a recent fascination in the skin care regimen of Koreans. Embracing a more holistic view of beauty, women are realizing that they have to work on their skin from the inside out to achieve the oh-so-desired glow. In fact, industry leaders have coined the term “K-Beauty” when speaking of Korean beauty and how they achieve flawless skin. 

Retail shelves all over the United States have been flooded with a breadth of popular Korean brands. In fact, the average Korean woman has a ten product nightly skincare routine. One of the most talked about products is what K-Beauty enthusiasts call “sheet masks.”

The Timothy Pamment Salon introduced Meder Beauty, a renown skincare company from Switzerland, back in 2014.  Within the line are five types of sheet masques, each with different purposes. Having seen over a year of results, the salon is confident that these masques are the best on the market.

Included in each retail package are five masks, to be used once a week, or as needed. Every mask is made from organic non-woven cotton stretch fabric. They are soaked in hydrogel with a hyaluronic acid base, and then saturated with active ingredients that depend on the mask type. If hydration is what you need, a Hydra-Fill mask is what you are going to want. Although nothing can truly replace eight glasses of water a day, a Meder mask comes to a close second for a quick hydrating pick-me-up.

Korean women choose focused products, rather than multi-taskers.  Meder Beauty has appealed to women in over 20 countries because of the brand focus on results-driven ingredients. Forget the fluff, each product is formulated to improve the beauty of the skin from within.

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