Not Your Mother’s Shag

The long bob, coined the “lob,” has been the It Girl’s choice of style for several seasons.  It’s stylish with an air of sophistication. Taking it a step further this Spring, we’re reinventing an iconic hairstyle of the 70’s. Forecasting this modern makeover last year, Owner Timothy Pamment was inspired by Stevie Nicks and Farrah Fawcett. “You have to be open to looking incredible, “says Tim.

The modern shag is now more playful, youthful, and feminine.  This is not your Mother’s shag.  This cut is technically more intricate, yet easier to maintain for the client. Imagine a world in which a quick spritz reawakens yesterday’s products. Now we can wake up, makeup, and move on.

Wispy romantic layers provide a foundation for a cut that makes the finest of hair feel full again.  This eternally cool style will have you feeling fierce and unapologetic.  The modern shag is liberating and works with you rather than against.  Unconfined to length, the shag can be customized to truly highlight your features. 

Celebrity inspiration:   Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Celebrity inspiration: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

“It can literally fit every client and their lifestyle, which explains the popularity. Ideally, as a hairdresser, we’re always aiming for an oval silhouette.  Take a woman with a rectangle or long face shape, for example.  I am going to be modifying the layers and fringe to frame and create an alluring profile.” explains Tim. “There’s a freshness and natural feel about this cut. The modern shag is all about attitude. No matter the situation, you’re going to feel unstoppable.”