Summer Beauty Bag Essentials


Our cosmetic bag products change along with the seasons.  This past Fall we fought static with our Carre Lissant hair sheets and had a mild obsession with Lovers Creep nail lacquer.  Winter came around and we were thirsty for some hydrating products.  We stocked up on the Hydra-Fill skin concentrate, Masque Nutri-Thermique, and Bloodroses lipstick.  We are now swapping out our Spring must-haves (Skin Veil foundation and Honey Hush nail lacquer) for our Summer essentials.

Choosing the perfect bag to hold your most precious beauty essentials is crucial. You want something that reflects your personality (since you will be carrying it with you everywhere) and you need something that holds everything near and dear to you (size matters). We scoured the streets and fell in love with the ultimate beauty bag at J Horton in Madison, Connecticut.

The box bag is by Let & Her, a handbag company founded by two friends in Tel Aviv.  It comes in an assortment of colors (the orange bag is our favorite for Summer), has a nifty magnetic closure, and comes in two sizes ("mini" and "big").  Sometimes choosing what products to pack, and what to keep on the vanity, can be quite the task. We're a bunch of product junkies, so it was only natural we gravitated to the larger of the two.  Whatever quantity you travel with, this chic bag is exactly what you need.

Now that you have the bag, do you have the products?  We asked our clients: What products will be in your beauty bag this Summer?  Here are some their answers:

Beachy waves without actually going to the beach? I’m hooked on Apres Beach spray!
The Diamond White SPF 50 with the tint is my go to for a great glow with protection.
It may sound silly but I always carry a nail polish. An impromptu mani/pedi calls for Psyco Candy!
I have a few favorite lip colors by Ellis Faas. It all depends on what i’m doing, and who I want to impress...

We love opening up conversations with our clients, and in this case, loved finding out which products will be by their side this Summer.  Join us on Facebook, and let us know which products you can't seem to live without!

We have put together a list of goodies that we believe to be Summer 2015's beauty bag essentials. Desktop users: click the image for more information. Enjoy!