embroidery floss

Channel Your Inner Flower Child

Small details make a big impact.  This Spring and Summer, channel your inner flower child and accessorize your hair!  Music festival fashion has greatly influenced main stream street style, and we have noticed a few interesting and easy hair accessory trends.


Real or not, flowers are an uplifting accessory.  Although flowers have just started sprouting on our grounds, they have been adorning our hair for weeks!  

Bobby Pins

Accessorizing with bobby pins started last year on the runway, and have been popular ever since.  What  happens when one bobby pin crosses another?  Take a look through the gallery to find out...

*Quick Tip:To keep bobby pins in place, spray with Kerastase Couture Hairspray 


Go grab the embroidery floss from your arts & crafts bin and get ready to play!  Hair wraps are a bit too "Caribbean vacation" for us, but we found some other great techniques incorporating thread into a hairstyle.

We found a thorough tutorial on how to create a threaded tapestry on a clip-in extension...Try it out!


Hair rings were introduced in the UK last year, and are now just gaining popularity in the States (go figure).  We checked out the Regal Rose website, which many bloggers credit as the the hair ring trendsetter.  Too inpatient to wait for a shipment from the UK? Take a peek at the Free People website!  They have a few different ring set options. 

 Hair rings bring your style from cute to rocker-chic.  We cant wait to spot this trend in our own neighborhood!


Scarfs are so versatile, and a great fashion accessory.  Not only can scarves be worn around your neck or tied on your handbag, there are many ways they can be incorporated into your hair!  We found the following cheat sheet from on Pinterest by frayedjewelry.com