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V76 Rated


Last year we introduced our clients to V76, a "new-on-the-scene" full men's grooming line. Our female clients gawked at the brand's models (see below), and our male clients asked how they could "look like that."

To our readers, you are going to want to send a link of this page to all the men in your life. This product line can possibly help them win the interview, score a date, or simply rock their world.

Let's talk about men's grooming.  It's been a steady trend, and many men are jumping on the bandwagon.  Even at our Salon, men who would never think of going to "a salon," are calling for appointments. They are confident that we can get them to that stylized place they envisioned.

Step One:  A good cut.  

Show our stylist a picture of the style you want to have.  If you're far from it, that's o.k.!  They will give you a cut that puts you in a great position for success. 

Step Two: Products.  

The plural form of "product" can scare most men. What if we told you that you only needed two products?  Not that difficult...

If you want to take it a step further and incorporate some more, go for it!  Your friends will never know.  They'll just be jealous when you get all the compliments.

So which products?  Fantastic question.  

You can view the V76 collection: here.  Or to make it downright simple, ask your stylist.

In conclusion, V76 is brilliant. 

Grooming is no longer just a question of whether to shave or not; it includes hair products, skin care, and fragrance.
— Vaughn

Click the images below to see which products were used to achieve the various looks.