april 2015

Lip Service

Marie Claire, April 2015

Marie Claire, April 2015

Marie Claire published "Lip Service" in their April 2015 issue.  The article translated color physiology into our everyday lipstick choices.  

"Researchers showed 2,375 people images of nine different women wearing six different shades of lip color.  The participants then made spot evaluations of the women's personalities, rating attributes like how creative, reliable, and professional they seemed."

We have summarized Lip Service into a short synopsis of what we learned:

Job Interview: Plum

Plum is a unique combination of power and warmth, making people look professional and ambitious.

First Date: Nude or Plum

People look for loyalty and attractiveness during a first date.  People wearing nude or plum shades were seen as the most reliable and attractive.

Work Brainstorm: Nude

Nude lip colors will win them over!  Wear nude to come across as a collaborative, caring, and open.

Fiance's Family Reunion: Pink

Pink is associated with looking sociable and fun loving.  This is the perfect color when meeting people in a social setting.

Major Presentation: Red

Wear red to steal the show.  Red shows you are a leader and expert in your field.  It also signifies that you are someone who takes risks, and is creative. 

We pulled out a few of our favorite Ellis Faas lip colors!  Looking for that perfect hue?  Come in to check out the selection!


Interested in reading the full article in Marie Claire?  Turn to page 182 in this months issue!