Touche Chromatique Copper


Touche Chromatique Copper


Personalized color correcting care refreshes copper shades and prolongs color intensity

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Before showering, fill the bowl with Masque Chromatique up to the dosage line (15ml). Add 10 clicks of Touche Chromatique, then mix with the spatula to create an even blend. In the shower, shampoo first with Bain Chromatique and rinse, then apply the blended mixture with the spatula evenly onto damp hair. Leave-in for 5 minutes, then rinse out.




Our 1st personalized color correcting care for color-treated hair to refresh and prolong color intensity for long-lasting results between salon visits.

What is - Copper?
Identified as the coppery shades of redheads. Touche Chromatique Copper is for those who want to enhance and prolong color vibrancy to combat fading since the red color molecule is always the first to go. They often say the more vibrant the hue, the better.
Often referred to as: strawberry, honey, copper, amber, golden, ginger, sunset, tangerine, fiery.


  • Hi-Chroma Dyes for their efficiency in color neutralization and enhancement to provide long-lasting color

Ultra-concentrated direct dyes refresh copper shades to revive and enhance vibrancy and shine. Adds a subtle deposit of color for longer-lasting color intensity between salon visits.