Essential Drops


Essential Drops


Aromatherapeutic scalp treatment.

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1. Wet hair. 
2. Shake product well before use. 
3. Section by section, apply 4 pipettes to wet scalp for whole head.
4. Massage the scalp to stimulate microcirculation for 1-2 minutes.
5. Rinse thoroughly. 
6. Shampoo and condition with appropriate SHU regimen. 
*Or, blend (up to 1 full pipette) directly into shampoo, massage and rinse. 

HAIR TYPE: For Normal to Oily Scalp


An aromatherapeutic scalp treatment that is formulated with a powerful blend of essential and vegetable oils that purify and revitalize the scalp. Production of sebum, the hair's natural oils, is balanced so the scalp is left nourished and hydrated without weighing the hair down. Safe on color-treated hair. Silicone, paraben and sulfate free. 


Peppermint Essential Oil
Peppermint is used in aromatherapy to stimulate the mind, while cooling the skin. It is well known for its purifying, astringent, stimulating and cooling virtues. Peppermint essential oil is both soothing and nourishing on the scalp.

FRAGRANCE: Peppermint
TOP NOTES: Mint Leaves, Bamboo Water, Melon, Orange
MIDDLE NOTES: Rhubarb, Peony, Jasmine
BASE NOTES: Violet Leaves, White Musk, Red Cedar Wood